Multi-Sensory Reading Instruction


Using a variety of multi-sensory programs such as Lindamood-Bell, Orton-Gillingham, and Slingerland, our educational therapists and specialists create individual interventions for our learners.  We work with “little” students from kindergarten on through elementary and middle school, where we focus on foundational skills, such as sound symbol correspondence. Additionally, our specialists work all the way through post college, where students may have reading struggles or hate reading and continue to struggle with reading comprehension. These approaches use visual, auditory, and kinesthetic associations proven to help students learn. Multisensory reading intervention is an unsurpassed tool for preventing and remediating reading difficulties.


Multisensory instruction is intended primarily for use with individuals who have difficulty with reading, spelling, and writing.  It is most properly understood and practiced as an approach, not a method, program, system or technique. Students with reading and writing challenges need to master the same basic knowledge about language and its relationship to our writing system as any who seek to become competent readers and writers. Some students need more help with sorting, recognizing, and organizing the raw materials of language for thinking and use. Language elements must be taught directly and systematically. Our team understands how to create and implement a plan that matches each individual’s learning style.