Ross Clifford

Educational Specialist


Ross discovered his love of teaching while in the MFA program at Portland State University. As a graduate student there, he had the opportunity to teach composition to incoming students and work in the writing center on campus. All of his instructors emphasized to him the importance of conferencing with students individually to address their unique needs and interests. By doing so, Ross developed an appreciation for the one-on- one approach that he now gets to employ at Steps to Success. He is passionate about getting to know his students individually and being able to closely work with them on writing. Ross firmly believes the writing process is heuristic, and that developing one’s process can engender critical awareness and thought. Nothing is more rewarding to him than seeing his students make discoveries for themselves in their work. Other than working at Steps to Success, Ross is a lecturer for College Ten at UCSC. His individualized approach is present in the classroom, and his work at UCSC and Steps to Success constantly inform each other.